TWT GmbH Science & Innovation

TWT_Logo_SchriftTWT GmbH Science & Innovation is an innovative company specialized on the fast transformation of scientific expertise into technologically demanding products and services. Founded in 1986 at the Technology Centre of Stuttgart as a service provider of engineering and information technologies (IT), the company has been growing steadily and is one of the top development partners in the automotive and aerospace industry. Today, TWT’s headquarter is located in Stuttgart with subsidiaries in Munich, Friedrichshafen and Ingolstadt. More than 250 highly qualified technology professionals are working on innovative engineering concepts and IT solutions. TWT customers benefit from the IT and engineering expertise in the following areas: specification, design and implementation of software systems for digital product development, digital product modelling, process simulations, as well as consultancy on production processes. TWT continually invests in research and development activities and aims at following innovation and technology trends by using a holistic approach. The Research & Development Department actively participates in European projects, monitors and initiates state-of-the-art activities and cooperates closely with universities, institutes, research centers and industry partners. TWT has been involved in several FP6, FP7 and nationally (BMBF, BMWI) funded research and innovation projects and also in complex projects with customers from different domains.

As a service provider with customers from the automotive, aerospace, medical engineering and energy sectors, TWT is able to bring in expertise to the OPTi project from two worlds: engineering and IT. With its strong background in simulation, TWT will help to holistically evaluate the envisioned solution using the TWT Co-Simulation framework. Additionally, data management solutions will help to efficiently and securely store and distribute sensor and simulation data of the framework and mechanisms for load prediction based on user behaviour will be evaluated.

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