Optimation AB

Optimation_logo_color_webbEstablished in year 2002, Optimation AB is an SME that combines process know-how, control technology and dynamic simulation with our ability to transform advanced theory into practical systems. We have a broad approach that creates a valuable platform to optimize industrial processes. Our strategy to execute projects has been remodelled through innovative thinking and powerful tools. Optimation AB is a global solution and tool provider and has a solid background in industrial sectors like minerals, metals, pulp and paper, power generation, and district heating.

  • In the context of the OPTi project, Optimation ABs main contribution is the following.
  • Large scale dynamic modelling of a DHC network down to the housing level (substation primary side)
  • Modelling of relevant thermal storage, e.g. houses/buildings.
  • Simulation based analysis for control and operation, including changes in user behaviour and changes in the DHC network structure.
  • Integration with the control system of the utility companies and real-time interaction with models.
  • Practically working control philosophies for production planning and large scale operation of DHC networks.

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