Luleå Energi AB

Luleå energi was started in 1896. A generator driven by steam then lit the first lights in the city of Luleå. Today the Luleå energi group is selling and distributing electricity, internet connections, bio energy and district heating and cooling to the city of Luleå. Luleå energi AB employs 60 persons and has a turnover of about 800 MSEK per year. The main business area is district heating and cooling and selling electricity. A total of 450 km of pipes for district heating is currently installed. From 1 July 2009 monthly remote reading of all electricity meters is mandatory in Sweden. The company is dedicated to saving energy and providing services to our customers. We are therefore also installing remote reading of all district heating systems. This data will give the customer a much better view of their current energy consumption and thus contributing to energy savings.

In OPTi, Luleå Energi role is to contribute with their market expert knowledge bu bringing the perspective of an energy company to the project goals. We will participate in key meetings and provide our installed system and corresponding data to the project. Luleå Energi will alos exploit the results through its network of national and international energy companies but most importantly to be able to utilize the project results to improve Luleås own district heating system.

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