Established in 1998, IBM Research – India has been advancing information technology through research in industry solutions, software and services, and providing leadership by delivering innovations to IBM’s clients. IBM Research India has significant working experience with leading electric utility organizations around the world such as Fortum (Finland), AusGrid (Australia), Alliander (Netherlands), Hydro-Québec (Canada), DTE Energy (USA) and Government of Brunei. IBM Research India led a European Union FP7 project, WATTAYST, on modelling and analyzing demand response as scientific coordinator. IBM Research India has also participated and successfully completed another European Union FP7 project on open governance called COCKPIT.

IBM Research India has a very strong track record in energy research with successful execution of projects in multiple areas including demand management, microgrids, transmission/distribution networks, renewable energy, etc. It also employs researchers who have rich experience in various related disciplines e.g. thermal modelling, sensor networks, power systems, data mining/analytics, visualization and optimization methods. The lab boasts a rich multi-disciplinary talent pool in these areas and a culture of innovation. We have also published several papers in aforementioned areas in top conferences such as ACM e-energy, IEEE SmartGridComm, SIAM SDM, IEEE Percom, ACM CHI, ACM UBICOMP, etc.

We work closely with business partners to understand real-world needs and design cost-effective solutions to address those needs. Our researchers also work closely with top universities to understand state-of-the-art scientific and technological approaches that could be utilized in our solutions. We foster far-reaching research through fellowships, internships, grants and open collaborative research programs.

In the context of the OPTi project, IBM Research India is responsible for the following activities:

  1. IBM Research India will be the scientific coordinator of the project. IBM will drive the overall scientific innovation of the project, and execution of different pioneering threads within the project timeline.
  2. IBM Research India will lead the efforts on work package 4 on “Physical Infrastructure, Data and Passive Storage modelling.” The focus of this package is the management of a central data sharing platform, data modelling, physical modelling of network and building, and formulation of passive storage quantification methodologies.
  3. IBM Research India will also be involved in consumer preference modelling, KPI development, user modelling, live lab approach of system design, algorithmic work on controls, optimization and automatic DR.
  4. IBM Research India will use its industrial exposure for stakeholder interactions, dissemination and utilize its client engagements for exploitation as well as possible commercialization.

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