Athens University of Economics and Business


The Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is a dynamic institution of higher education in Greece. AUEB participates in this project with the Network Economics and Services (NES) Group belonging in the Department of Informatics.

The main activity of the research group lies in bridging the gap between traditional economics and modern telecommunication service technology. It investigates models and concepts where technology, information and economics meet. The research activity focuses on areas such as energy economics, techno-economics, economic, business and performance modelling, in pricing and accounting for network services, as well as in the use of economic and incentives mechanisms for trading and managing digital goods.

In OPTi, AUEB will focus on the proposal, application and evaluation of a set of original economic models as well as incentive mechanisms for DR, aiming to maximise the economic benefits of all involved players in DHC systems.

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