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An EU project in the large scale deployment of smart energy cities, CELSIUS demonstrates  And promote​s integration of smart district heating and smart district cooling. CELSIUS supports committed European cities to maximize the utilization of its primary and secondary energy resources in an integrated way that minimizes its operational costs and carbon emissions while maximizing its energy efficiency. The CELSIUS project will support EU’s aspiring 20-20-20 goals.  For more details:


Coordinated by VITO, BE. The aim of this project is to develop, demonstrate and deploy an advanced self-learning controller for district heating and cooling (DHC) networks. The controller will be demonstrated in 2 sites Mijnwater at Heerlen (The Netherlands) and Växjo (Sweden). For more details:


Coordinated by EURAC, Bolzano, IT.  Development, demonstration and deployment of a  new generation of intelligent district heating and cooling networks that reduce energy transportation losses by working at “neutral” temperature levels. Test are foreseen in Seville (ES) and Bolzano (IT).



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