The OPTi project will take the following approach to find new ways to the design and operation of district heating and cooling systems

We will start out from state-of-the-art technologies and Ÿwill conduct research beyond state of the art. Combining the shadow of a DHC system OPTi-Sim with representations of the control mechanisms (DCS system) and interface them with the real Ÿphysical system, yields the OPTi framework.

Engineering tools for the design of new and the re-design Ÿof existing DHC systems will be developed and demonstrated on real-life pilots, where OPTi-Sim will play an integral role in the validation. For the design of control mechanisms, optimization-based control methods will be extended and automated heat Demand Response schemes will be design which exploit passive heat storage Ÿcapabilities.

End-consumers will be involved in the optimal DHC system operation, by analysing and determining consumers’ temperature comfort Ÿperception, using the new concept of the Virtual knob.

Last but not least, creativity and innovation will be enhanced through gender perspective.

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