2017-09-19: Technical Project Meeting TWT, Stuttgart Germany, September 19-21 2017

TWT Stuttgart is hosting the Technical project meeting. The project is now in the final phase and tests are analyzed and documented.  Pau Cortes SAMPOL Mallorca is showing some of the results from the Peak Load tests (cooling) at Son Llatzer Hosptial.

2017-09-19 16.44.28

2017-03-15: Technical Project Meeting Son Llatzer Hospital, in Mallorca, March 14-16 2017

Son Llatzer is hosting the project meeting (coordinated by Sampol), these meetings are focused on the trials (Mallorca and Lulea trials) preliminary results. Last seven months of the project are ahead and how to achieved the Key Performance Indicators defined is crucial.


 2017-03-10: Knowledge about gender gives business benefits

When strengthening the innovativeness of the project and creating competitive advantage OPTi collaborates with Gender Contact Point (GCP) at Luleå University of Technology.  GCP aims at making the university’s research on gender, equality and diversity more available for companies in the IT industry. Read how the IT company Arctic Group benefits from the partnership with GCP!/image/GCP9%281%29.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_800/GCP9%281%29.jpg

2016-11-16: Technical Project Meeting LEN Luleå, November 15-17 2016

OPTi project meeting hosted by Luleå Energi AB (LEN).  Focus on Key Performance Indicators, Integration of OPTi-SIM, Testing and EU review comments.

2016-11-15 12.13.41

Dr. Yvonne Ritter (TWT) discussing an “Energy Day” conference. Håkan Sundberg (LEN) reflecting on ideas.

View from a normal meeting day!2016-11-16 16.00.06


2016-11-06: OPTi workshop at the 2016 SmartGrid conference, Sydney Australia.



Prof. Wolfgang Birk (LTU) presenting at the conference.

2016-03-21: Technical Project Meeting SAMPOL Mallorca, March 21-23

OPTi project meeting hosted by SAMPOL in Mallorca. Planning for our models and the simulation. Milestone 2 was passed on 10th of March.

Our hosts

Main focus is now to derive engineering tools for automated modelling of DHC systems from GIS and information databases using dynamics models and the Modelica standard.

OPTi modelling

The above picture shows the demonstration of an automatically generated dynamic model of the complete district heating system in Luleå.

2015-12-10-12: Technical Project Meeting TWT Stuttgart, Dec 10-12

The project is moving towards Milestone 2. We are now planning the deliveries in connection to the Milestone. Main focus right now is the system architecture for the OPTi Framework and the data management system.

During the final day of the project meeting a short workshop with representatives of the STORM project was organized. It was agreed to organize a research workshop at a major conference in the area.

2015-09-09: First Technical Project Meeting in Athens 9-11 of September

The first technical project meeting takes place in Athens where several workshops on the OPTi Framework are conducted and the framework is specified.

 2015-06-30: Virtual Technical Project Meeting

The second project meeting took place just before the vacation periods in the Nordic countries and due to the short time span between kick-off and the second meeting a virtual technical project meeting was conducted using Google Hangout.

Main topics of the discussions were the specification and requirements for the different pilots and use-cases that will be explored later in the project.

 2015-04-22: Project Kick-off meeting

The project kick-off meeting took place on April 22-24th in Luleå at Kulturens hus.  All project partners and the project advisor participated in the event and launched the OPTi project.

Besides the technical discussions the facilities at the pilot site Luleå Energi were visited.

2015-04-23 11.14.42


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