WP 4 – System modelling and virtualization

The following reports are public and approved:

D4.1: Data modelling and management

  • Delivery date: 2016-03-10
  • PDF
  • Abstract: This deliverable provides system models and specifications for data acquisition, management and access within the OPTi framework. The data access needs of the different OPTi components are summarised and an architecture for suitable storages realising the storage layer are defined. A list of application programming interfaces available for all other components of the OPTi framework as a technical foundation for collaboration on data level is provided.

D4.3: Dynamical physical system modelling

  • Delivery date: 2016-09-29
  • PDF
  • Abstract: This deliverable provides physical system modeling components that are part of the OPTi-sim framework. A description of the modeling components and how they are configured is given. Modeling components that are developed consists of DHC-grid models and various building models. The development is done based on requirements established in WP2.

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