WP 3 – Consumer and economic modelling

The following reports are public and approved:

D3.1: Consumer modelling and incentives

  • Delivery date: 2015-10-31
  • PDF
  • Abstract: This deliverable presents the theoretical work carried out by OPTi WP3 by M8 in respect to modelling consumer preferences and designing efficient incentives and contracts, the relation of this work with both the real and the simulated use cases, some initial theoretical results and sets the scene for the work to be performed in the sequel. The relevant state-of-the-art is also presented where applicable.

D3.2: Economic modelling and sustainability

  • Delivery date: 2016-08-31
  • PDF
  • Abstract: This deliverable concludes the theoretical work carried out within OPTi in respect to modelling  consumer preferences, designing efficient incentives and contracts and providing an economic sustainability analysis of the OPTi environment.


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