Workshop on Future District Heating and Cooling Systems at ACM eEnergy 2017

OPTi will organize a workshop at the ACM eEnergy conference.

District heating and cooling systems (DHC), both large and small scale, need to be more smart. The future DHC systems are envisioned to be more efficient, intelligent and cheaper. The development and deployment of intelligent systems using smart metering and control solutions for optimization, the general increase of sensors and actuators as Internet of Things (IoT) develops, consumer empowerment, and exploiting multiple energy resources are enabling factors for future DHC systems. The inclusion of waste heat recovery, heat pumps, thermal storage, co-generation and renewable energy integration, and to roll-out solutions for the integration of intelligent thermal network with smart electricity grids and data centers, are opportunities to increase the overall efficiency.

The workshop encourages contribution of papers that summarize new research results but also technical papers that describe new innovations and achievements in technical solutions for thermal management of buildings and optimization of DHC systems.

The call for papers can be found here.

Extended Submission deadline: 26 March 2017

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